Picked up a new 77 Liftback!

My brother Isaac and I picked up a Celica for him today! 77 liftback with 140k on the clock. Got it in the trailer and went to the local Walmart and poured gas in the carb and it immediately fired up and purred like a kitten! All the gauges and lights worked immediately as well!

The interior looks like a family of badgers lived in it, and there are very few good parts in there. Luckily I kept a lot of the brown interior parts from a liftback I parted out two years ago! There is very little rot in the rockers and fenders, don’t know about under carpet yet. Rear passengers wheel well is bent up, but not punctured. Hood is bent and the hinges are thrashed. If only I knew of a place to get a new hood and hinges… 😀 the rear hatch we had purchased previously, and we’re in the process of making a fiberglass mold from it. We have a local car show May 20, and we should have it on the road by then!

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