New gauges in the planning

I have spent a couple hours on building my own gauges using arduino microcontrollers and GM gauge style stepper motors. (The same type of stepper motor found in pretty much every new car)

It will all be open source and I will freely share the PCB files and code with anybody who wants them. Typically I won’t share developments if I think I could market them, but gauges would be waaaaaay too time consuming to make any money from them, so I’ll share everything freely!

I’m not that great with writing code, but designing PCB’s is my specialty!

I have a stepper motor now responding to the input from a potentiometer (which is basically the exact same as a temperature or pressure sender!)

I’m going to fuel inject my 18RG using Megasquirt and the are several things I want to monitor on gauges, but there aren’t commercially available gauges that have what I want, so my only option is to build them. I would like the gauges to communicate over a CANbus with the Megasquirt, but I’m not sure if I can hack that much code together.

I want to make the entire suite of gauges controlled by an arduino.

Speedometer (will be GPS)
Fuel level
Coolant temp
Oil pressure (could double for fuel pressure)
AFR (O2 reading)

It will be a while before these are completed, but at least it’s something I can play around with for the Celica inside. 🙂

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