It’s starting to look like a car again! I started putting everything back together today. Radiator is in, fenders are on, grill and filler panels are on, and the hood is back on. I can’t find my passenger side headlight bezel though. I couldn’t get any of the marker lights to function up front, and it turns out I had unbolted a ground wire last year.

I got the O2 sensor installed and wired in. I did both the heater and free air calibration on the LC-1, but I’m not completely sure if it’s reading correctly. I can’t find my USB/serial adapter to get in and check the programming on it. (The Megasquirt is connected over Bluetooth so I don’t need that adapter for the MS.)

I drove it for the first time today after changing the clutch master cylinder. All I did was go into the road and turn around, but still it moved under its own power!

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