There’s a little bit left to finish off the plumbing for the surge tank. I still need to run wires for the pump, but that’s easy. My original design was too tall to fit under the metal thing in the back, so I cut out about 1.5" and welded it back together. Now it fits nicely. I just need to bend the aluminum lines and connect them, then it’s done in the back!

I don’t think my Celica ever had a heater valve in it. I always just had a “C” clamp and two quarters to shut off the hot water during the summer. I want to be a little less ghetto this time around so I searched eBay and found a heater valve from a Ford something or other. I had to build a bracket and find a molded 5/8" coolant hose that would fit, but it all goes together nicely. The heated coolant will go from the bottom center of the manifold, to the valve, through the heater core, then to the side of the water pump behind the header. I ran aluminum tubing behind the header because it’s too hot back there for rubber hoses.

I will need to buy a new heater control cable that’s a bit longer to reach the new shut off valve, and while I’m buying that, I’m going to replace all the other control cables. That’ll be detailed in another post though.

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