The guy I bought the engine from said he had it at 7k RPM and the oil pressure went to zero. He immediately shut it off, but though he heard some rod knock. He was right. I found metal shavings in the oil pan, and the bearings were toast. To my great delight and relief though there was zero damage to the crank or rods! So a new set of bearings and I’m good to go. Compression on #1 came up right where it needed to be after reassembling it. 

I ran my new 3/8 aluminum fuel lines for the EFI conversion. My almost 4 year old daughter Natilee wanted to help me so she crawled under the car with me and asked what she could do.:)

Put the motor back together with the transmission after throwing on a new clutch, then popped it into the car. Didn’t take very long to get it in. I still have a few small parts to order, but it should start going together quickly now!

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