The fuel plumbing is now mostly done. Only one small piece left, and that’s to go from the FPR back to the return line. Need to figure a way to go from ¼" line on the regulator, to the 3/8" aluminum line. Not too tough.

My wife helped me install the fuel filters. We have one filter between the factory low pressure pump and the surge tank, and one filter on the high pressure line right before the fuel rail.

The Megasquirt will sit right behind the kick panel at the passengers feet, and the fuse/relay box will sit right behind the battery under the hood. I need to make the Megasquirt fit a little better behind the panel, but it works just fine for now to just get it running.

I ran a thermostat bypass hose from the underside of the lower intake to the back side of the water pump. This ensures that water will circulate through the block and head allowing it to warm up evenly. This also ensures I have an accurate reading of the actual coolant temperature, which is very important for EFI.

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