I’m 99% done with the EFI wiring! I wasn’t able to order in all the connectors I needed in time before the show, so some connections are scabbed together with old connectors. You should always do your best to use new connectors as much as possible. If you can’t get new connectors, at least get new pins and a decent set of crimpers!

The pins that are on the battery are for the EDIS module. That connector isn’t available new, but at least I can crimp new pins.

The fusebox/relay panel is mounted just behind the battery. All the wires run up through the frame tube thing right there, and come out roughly at the same spot where the round bulkhead connector is. All the wires from the fusebox run through two connectors so I can remove the entire harness if needed.

I don’t yet have an electric fan, but I wired in all the provisions I will need (ie a fuse and relay). The fan will be triggered from the FIDLE output in the Megasquirt.

The oil pressure sensor works great, and I have a nice 27 PSI while cranking. (Don’t know how much while running, I didn’t look.)

I still need to wire the capacitive fuel level sender into the Megasquirt. I’ve already modified the Megasquirt, I just need to actually hook up the wires. Calibrating it should be relatively easy. I’m going to empty the tank, then put in 1.5 gallons. That will be my “EMPTY” level. Then I’ll fill it up, and set that as my “FULL” level. The sender has two adjustment pots on it to adjust the two levels, or I’ll just adjust it in TunerStudio.

I wanted to put in a fuel pressure sensor as well, but MS2 only has two spare ADC’s, and they’re being used for oil pressure and fuel level. I’d like to upgrade to MS3, but that won’t be in the cards for a while.

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