I need an electronic signal for my arduino gauges so I bought a GM style sender. (It will also have GPS, but this will be used as a backup if GPS is unavailable.) I already did this GM sender mod to my dad’s Celica 4 years ago and we’ve never had a problem with it. I 3D printed a piece to convert the wing shape of the speedometer gear to the square shape needed for the GM sender. The threads on the sender are an exact match for the gear housing. Put it all together and voila! Electronic sender! (I found out later LCE sells a similar electronic sender that already has the correct cable style. Same price, but I already had these parts.)

I found a shifter boot retainer ring in one of my parts cars, but still no actual shifter boot. It was rusty so naturally I just sandblasted it and zinc plated it. Looks awesome! (Though nobody will every see it…)

I bought a throttle cable that has a ball stud on one end. That way I can still use my original pedal. (my Corolla pedal didn’t work out like I imagined) The original ball on the linkage was too big though. I probably could have drilled out the adapter in the throttle cable, but I figured welding was more fun, so I cut off the original and TIG welder the new stud into place. Not the prettiest but that’s ok. This will be zinc plated as well so I sandblasted the whole thing after welding.

I now have more lighting in my garage! I’ve upgraded from having 8 total fluorescent bulbs to having 40 total bulbs! Well, once I buy the bulbs I’ll have that many. But at least the fixtures are there and now I’ll be able to actually see and work at night! Next on the list is to install the swamp cooler in the window. 🙂

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