I bought and installed new shifter bushings. The bushing on the end of the shifter ball was smashed and definitely needed replacing. While looking online I found that the latest transmissions also have a seat bushing where the W50 only has a spring. Also found a new rubber boot to cover the top of the shifter assembly.

The seat bushing needed to be ground way down to fit and not interfere. Don’t know if it’ll help or hurt, but I still have the original spring. The new ball bushing popped right into place and is now nice and tight! I cut the old boot off, and after spraying some WD-40 on the shifter, the new boot slid right into place! I also painted the top of the shifter housing so it looks nice now too! I still need to find a new boot to go inside to cover the shifter hole in the transmission tunnel. One thing at a time. 🙂

Finally decided on the routing for the Megasquirt ECU and promptly drilled a hole so I couldn’t change my mind any more. I have these really nice Molex bullhead connectors that will work awesome! It’ll go under the fender then follow the factory wiring up under the dash at the passenger feet. The main ECU I’m hoping to fit behind the kick panel. If I’m lucky the fuse/relay panel will fit there as well. I would rather not have it in the glovebox like my Corolla.

I’m debating if I want to move my battery back up into the engine bay, or if I want to leave it in the far back. Decisions decisions…

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