Had a bolt break off the O2 sensor port on the headers for my 22RE, then broke the other trying to remove it. My O2 sensor is further downstream so it measures all cylinders instead of 1. Decided it was best to just cut it off and weld it shut since I’ll never need it. The remains were ground down further than what’s in the 2nd picture, I just didn’t snap a pic of it. I used a TIG to weld the patch on and didn’t do too bad. It was very minimal grinding to smooth it down. Sandblasted all the old cruddy paint off then painted it with VHT flame proof black. (It’s made specifically for exhaust manifolds.) This should make it look better under the hood!

We also bought a 72 a couple weeks ago and we’ve been using it to design the early (70-75) hood hinges. It’s pretty rusty but it drives and is already converted to EFI with a GM TBI and Megasquirt. It was swapped with a 5 speed transmission, but the transmission mount is all wrong and hangs down really low and drags on everything. I’ve got a 76 xmember and a 74 xmember on the way, and between the two I’ll be able to make the correct xmember. Maybe I’ll draw it up and have my machine shop make a couple for me!

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