I found even more garbage in the harness I didn’t like. I couldn’t leave the harness in that garbage state and sell the car so I decided to tear it apart.

I’m putting in a 1-wire GM alternator, so I don’t need the voltage regulator. So I pulled all those wires out.

The horn relay was held together with electrical tape, so I pulled those wires apart, and I’ll put the horn relay in the EFI/engine fuse/relay box.

I’m going to hide the wires as best I can while I’ve got it all apart. The engine bay should look pretty tidy afterwards.

I ordered some non adhesive harness tape, and I’ll retape everything I tear apart.

Had a bolt break off the O2 sensor port on the headers for my 22RE, then broke the other trying to remove it. My O2 sensor is further downstream so it measures all cylinders instead of 1. Decided it was best to just cut it off and weld it shut since I’ll never need it. The remains were ground down further than what’s in the 2nd picture, I just didn’t snap a pic of it. I used a TIG to weld the patch on and didn’t do too bad. It was very minimal grinding to smooth it down. Sandblasted all the old cruddy paint off then painted it with VHT flame proof black. (It’s made specifically for exhaust manifolds.) This should make it look better under the hood!

We also bought a 72 a couple weeks ago and we’ve been using it to design the early (70-75) hood hinges. It’s pretty rusty but it drives and is already converted to EFI with a GM TBI and Megasquirt. It was swapped with a 5 speed transmission, but the transmission mount is all wrong and hangs down really low and drags on everything. I’ve got a 76 xmember and a 74 xmember on the way, and between the two I’ll be able to make the correct xmember. Maybe I’ll draw it up and have my machine shop make a couple for me!

My car made it to the show! Yay! I didn’t take many pictures though. 🙁 I had converted dad’s 77 Celica to distributorless several months ago using my 22R trigger wheel kit, but kept it carbureted. It ran and drove amazing after the conversion! On all my kits I bolt the trigger wheel to the crank pulley. On dad’s, I welded it. Well, my welds broke on the way to the show. Of all the times and places it could have happened! There was nothing we could do on the side of the road so we called a tow truck. Mom went home with dad’s car, and dad went to the show with me.

We were supposed to have several other Celicas at the show as well, but some of them didn’t make it. 🙁 But there were still three of them there!

It’s starting to look like a car again! I started putting everything back together today. Radiator is in, fenders are on, grill and filler panels are on, and the hood is back on. I can’t find my passenger side headlight bezel though. I couldn’t get any of the marker lights to function up front, and it turns out I had unbolted a ground wire last year.

I got the O2 sensor installed and wired in. I did both the heater and free air calibration on the LC-1, but I’m not completely sure if it’s reading correctly. I can’t find my USB/serial adapter to get in and check the programming on it. (The Megasquirt is connected over Bluetooth so I don’t need that adapter for the MS.)

I drove it for the first time today after changing the clutch master cylinder. All I did was go into the road and turn around, but still it moved under its own power!