77 Celica Gecko adjustable rear coilovers

I installed the rear adjustable Gecko suspension parts. They’re not actually coilovers, because coilovers won’t fit in a 76/77 Celica, but the springs are adjustable so it has the same effect.

The parts were originally green. I get it, geckos are green, but that color green belongs on a high school kids Honda, not a Celica.

I sandblasted and powdercoated the shock tubes a metallic charcoal gray color. I like that color much better!

The install was very straightforward and easy.

Even adjusted to the highest possible setting, it’s a little lower than factory springs.

The springs have a higher rate than factory springs as well. I wish they were a little softer, but it’s not that harsh. I don’t race my Celica or anything crazy, it’s just a cruiser. I tried out several different settings on the adjustable shocks, and there is a very definite difference, but I went back to the softest setting.

We will post again when we finish the fronts.

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